Thank You For The Awesome Customer Happiness Meetup

Second CH meetup

On September 24th, at Privredna Komora Beograd, we had our second Customer Happiness Meetup. Around 75 Customer Happiness enthusiasts attended which is almost twice as many people as there were for the first meetup in July! I cannot express how excited I am to see a new community growing around Customer Happiness in our beloved Serbia!

I opened the meetup with a few quick pieces of information:

  • We have our own hashtag on twitter which is #chbelgrade
  • Our website (this one! :D) is getting bigger and if someone wants to contribute by being an author or get involved with redesigning the website, please feel free to contact me!
  • Become a speaker at one of the future Customer Happiness meetups! After receiving feedback and a couple of speaker applications after the 2nd meetup, I’ve decided to have at least one presentation in English for the next meetup!
  • Stop by our Customer Happiness Serbia Facebook group and get involved!


Speakers at the 2nd CH meetup

I’d like to once again give a big THANKS to our awesome speakers – Milan, Nemanja, and Una – you really nailed it! The presentations were great, interesting and fun! Fantastic job!

You can view all three presentations here:

My Journey to Customer Happiness by Milan Ivanovic

Screw What Your Customer Thinks by Nemanja Aleksic

Communicating With Customers Throughout Social Networks by Una Vidanovic


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Future Plans

I can only say that things are starting to get quite serious 🙂 At the next meetup, we’ll even have a foreign speaker(s) and I hope that we’ll have at least 100 attendees!

I will schedule the next meetup soon and it will probably take place in late November or early December. In the meanwhile, get involved in our Facebook group, use #chbelgrade on Twitter, become an author on our website and apply for a speaker position at our next meetup!

See you soon!

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