Why Looking out for Your Users Is Win-Win by Jacklyn Giron

Jacklyn Giron

Jacklyn Giron is a co-founder and product developer of Smashrun – a data visualization platform for runners. Her professional background is in Client Development and Data Analytics for S&P’s Capital IQ, where she spent most of her time analyzing large financial data sets for banking professionals.

She is an alumna of the Start-Up Chile Program – a global accelerator that awards $40K of equity-free seed capital to early stage, high potential startups. And she has been bootstrapping Smashrun in Europe for the past year and a half in an effort to grow and support their European user base.

When she’s not out running, she’s either prototyping new features, initiating new social media campaigns, or performing usability and regression tests before a release. She also functions more or less on coffee and beer, but music can also fuel her long workdays 🙂

Why Looking out for Your Users Is Win-Win

Jacklyn’s approach to Customer Happiness relies heavily on understanding things from the user’s point of view. So, to provide good support, you have to be able to anticipate the kind of problems users might have once they start using any service that you provide. That’s not always easy. So, at the last talk of our 3rd Customer Happiness meetup, Jacklyn will provide examples as to how her startup addresses this.

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