Customer is not a king, customer is a friend by Pavle Lekic

With November 6th approaching and having announced our first speaker for the 3rd Customer Happiness meetup in Belgrade, it is time to introduce the second!

Second Talk

Pavle LekicPavle Lekic, born and raised in Belgrade Serbia. Started working in the life insurance business. Has been working for Privax (the parent company of the world’s most famous VPN service HideMyAss!) for the last three years on various tasks and positions.

Practices excellent customer support, believes in human soul. Passionate about ancient history, novels, music and basketball.  Feels like home at public appearances.

Customer is not a king, customer is a friend

With his great experience with Customer Happiness, Pavle will speak about customers and show that the customer is not a king, yet our friend. Also, he will demonstrate the working mechanism of Privax and how a highly developed internal culture of a company reflects as top notch support for the customers.

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