We’ve been quiet since the last meetup but only because we were planning something big!

I’ve been organizing the meetups for more than a year and it was a fun ride. I’ve had lots of help from my friends and our sponsors and it was a great experience. However, at one point I realized that, if Customer Happiness community and meetups are ever going to get to the next level, a change needs to be made. Therefore, after lots of contemplation and discussions, I think that the best way to improve Customer Happiness is to open it up publicly so that people can contribute and help with the organization.

The thing is, everyone was always able to do this and help the organization and community, but without publicly announcing this, it might have gone under the radar.

I only have one priority regarding this group and I really want it to remain as such in the future – Customer Happiness needs to be recognized, taught, and used and it should become an appreciated profession.

I consulted with a couple of people who helped this meetup going all this time and most of them agreed to become a part of the organizing team. I’ll reach out to a couple of more people in hope to gather a strong base of 10 organizers!

Anyone interested in contributing and helping us spread the word about Customer Happiness, growing our community, and organizing the meetups and online content, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can find us on Slack, Facebook, you can send an email to the contact form, or you can message me inside the Meetup group. We’ll be glad to have you!

The next items on our agenda are:

  • Start publishing posts on a regular basis
  • Organize the next meetup in December
  • Create different sponsorship packages

We’ll reach out again soon to announce the exact date of the next meetup. Stay tuned!

Cheers 🙂

The 5th Customer Happiness Meetup Video

The fifth Customer Happiness meetup was a blast! Thank you all for coming and kudos to our awesome speakers Ana, Pavle, and Nenad for fantastic talks! And big thanks to our sponsor for this meetup – Nordeus!

If you missed it, though, the link to the video is here 🙂

P.S. It is uploaded to Dropbox and to view the complete video, you can either download it or use the mobile app. Enjoy!

Third Talk – Customer Happiness for Community Building by Pavle Krivokuća

Pavle KrivokućaThe third and final talk on July 14th will be held by Pavle Krivokuća, one of Impact Hub Belgrade Makers and Chief of operations, holds 8 years of experience in business development, project & event management, and leadership development. As a certified international trainer and facilitator, he has delivered over 260 hours of content and produced over 220 events. He is a co-founder of 2 non government organizations, 2 startups and one movement and is an active member or alumni of 8 international organizations. Throughout these years he has led over 180 people directly as well as 530+ people indirectly. He is a license holder for “Incitement” Serbia, international motivational platform present in 30+ countries. He strongly believes in following your own WHY and the potential of aligning it with all aspects of your life!

Customer Happiness for Community Building

Impact Hub Belgrade is a part of a global network(community) of 86+ Impact Hub’s around the world with some 15000+ change making members world wide. With more then 500k people using the services annually customer happiness for Impact Hub is very important. Having such a diverse operations with grass root growth Impact Hub is manly focused on building a community. The community of change makers, impact entrepreneurs and sustainable work overall. As it is organic and community driven voice and needs are very important. In his presentation, Pavle will cover their process of member attraction, engagement, and retention through the usage of both online and offline tools and resources.

Second Talk – Developing Happiness by Nenad Conić

NenadAfter 6 years of working on the European Union funded project, Nenad started his new career as a Customer Happiness Engineer at Devana technologies working on the ManageWP project. He’s been developing happiness to the ManageWP users ever since.

Developing Happiness

Nenad will talk about what he learned in Devana, how he evolved when it comes to treating customers, and what their plans are for the new role they have in their Customer Happiness team – Support Developer.

First talk – Assuring the Happiness of Top Eleven players by Ana Celeste Almeida Misković

Ana Celeste Almeida MiskovićI am pleased to announce our first speaker for the 5th Customer Happiness meetup in Belgrade! Ana is a Brazilian living in Serbia for 5 years and she’s been working in Nordeus for 4 years now and currently, as a Player Support Specialist, she is fully focused on assuring the best experience to their Top Eleven players when they contact Support. At the 5th Customer Happiness meetup, she will share with us some of Nordeus’ practices in order to assure happiness to their players.

Assuring the Happiness of Top Eleven players

Ana will talk about their main pillars to assure the happiness of Top Eleven players. She’ll touch the subjects of Policies, Quality Assurance, Motto and the importance of feedback to the product team.

Don’t miss Ana’s talk on July 14th at 18:00 at Impact Hub in Makedonska 21. See you there!

New Venue and Job Board Info

Our 5th meetup is approaching and I wanted to announce a few changes that will happen compared to the last meetup we had.

First of all, the meetup will be held at Impact Hub Belgrade in Makedonska 21. Please check­ for more information 🙂


Also, before the first speaker rocks the stage, we’ll have our first ever job board! Basically, every company that is looking to hire people in the area of Customer Happiness is welcome to present their job offer to all the attendees. This way, Customer Happiness meetup will also be a place where you can look for a job if you need one.

To all companies interested in presenting their job offer, please get in touch via our contact form.


Videos From the 4th Customer Happiness Meetup

For the first time since Customer Happiness Meetups in Belgrade exist, we were able to capture the talks on video. Below are the slides and videos of the presentations. Enjoy 🙂

  • Impress your customers – easy or not by Marko Nikolic

Video of the presentation!

  • How Understanding the Nuances of the English Language Can Improve Customer Happiness by Nevena Tomovic

Slides of the presentation!

Video of the presentation!

  • Premium Services at Automattic by Stefan Carstocea

Slides of the presentation!

Video of the presentation!